What’s in a name?

So, why does this blog have this name? Is it because of the Spanish Inquisition? The answer is something perhaps more expected. We love in this blog the action of asking and thinking, in general, with freedom. In reality this blog has this name because of two of Jorge Luis Borges’ essay books: Inquisiciones & Otras inquisiciones. These are masterpieces in the art of essay of diverse topics. I read it a long time ago, so please don’t ask me details about them, I just remember that reading them was for me a great revealing and transformative experience. From what I recall Borges didn’t inquire with anyone, those essays were a lonely business. What would Borges do with WordPress? Just ignore it perhaps. I like the fact that this can be a place where essays become open systems.


First post!

Hello there ramblers of the world wide web! I’m pleased that you chose to come to this humble corner to enlight yourselves! I will upload some lines that have the objective of unscrambling a bit the infinite complexes that are presented to my eyes. I could have done it in HTML and forget about the rest of the universe but this blog has the purpose of allowing feedback. So then, feel free to comment as I’ll certainly will feel free to respond!